Sound is the rhythm, harmony, and melody of the universe . . . the dance of life.

“Music has the power to ease tension within the heart, and to lessen and loosen obscure emotions. My Birth name is Cazanova I am a Singer Song Writer living in Hilo, Hawaii.

Born in Harlem New York, I grew up in a melting pot of cultural music and dancing, I learned to love many styles of them both. Growing up in Harlem is also rough, yet it became clear to me how music often lifted my mood and the mood of others. i saw how music brought a smile to frowning faces and in many different ways it brought people together. Music had the power to turn a confrontation into a dance party, and i love to dance! who doesn't love the expression of dance? I mean even if you feel like you can't dance surely you can see how expressing yourself freely and truly can be therapeutic and helpful to the soul, and honestly it also kept me out of trouble in the rough neighborhoods I grew up in.

Now, living in Hawaii Music is my everyday life, but I do this to put out a message, and to praise Dah Most High who Created us all...

I love music. who doesn't? But I truly aim for my music to touch my listeners and fans and that it may do something positive and transformative for their lives.